TillCo Dems Calendar

How to Add these Calendars:

  • To add this calendar to your Google Account click the button on the lower right, sign-in if requested, then choose which calendars you would like to add.

The calendar titled TillCo Democrats has all events hosted by the party and defaults to blue, while TillCo Horizon is any event of interest such as a national debate or Election Day and defaults to red. Both calendars default to no notifications before each event, however your specific calendar application may supersede this. Feel free to customise the calendar in your application with nicknames, alternate colours, or the like; customisations you make will not affect this page or anyone else’s customisations. Likewise, you will not be able to add an event to the calendar for everyone else to see. If there is an addition you would like to make please contact the Secretary.

Technical Note: Calendar Subscription Links are available from the Secretary upon request. They are not provided here as most calendar applications either do not support adding a calendar without a linked provider (Google, iCloud, etc.) or seem to be deprecating the feature.